Monday, May 2, 2011

The Use of iPads When Traveling With Students.

Having just come back from China and having had to deal with a plethora of questions, whose answers were quickly expected, was overwhelming. Simple questions such as which pod a given student was in, who was her group leader, which room number she is in, which chaperone is responsible for checking a certain room, are some examples of these types of questions. Although some of the answers to these questions were constantly changing during the course of the trip's preparations, it would have been extremely helpful to have access to these documents from an ipad. These documents whether in their original format (google docs) or formatted as a .doc could easily be accessed once placed in Dropbox and accessed without having to be online. Other valuable apps such as Penultimate which allows you to quickly take notes via a stylus or your finger, would be very helpful to jot down notes or changes to the schedule of a particular day.
Jane McConnell, Junior Class Dean, had to make sure that she was carrying the students emergency forms with her at all times. These forms (two per students) could effectively be placed on ipad and quickly accessed in case of an emergency instead of carrying the heavy binder containing that important information.
I would strongly suggest the use of ipad for chaperones of the Global investigators Trips.
Doris Mourad


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