Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital AV Adapter- Connecting the iPad to a bigger screen

Recently, a friend of mine successfully connected his iPad to a flat panel TV in order to share pictures and watch Netflix movies on a bigger screen. The results were stunning and very impressive. He used the Apple Digital AV Adapter to connect the iPad to an HDMI cable attached to the TV.

Apparently there's a lot of potential here with video mirroring. Apple's website has a lot more information about video mirroring and ways to do it here:

This connector could be useful on campus to connect an iPad to our digital screens.With an iPad connected to a big screen, one could share photo slide-shows, show educational YouTube videos, and even run a Keynote presentation very easily. Perahaps worth checking out for those of us who want to connect our iPads to share content with a broader audience.

By: Anu


Matt Montagne said...

Anu, I know video mirroring works on iPad2, but does this work on the first iPad as well? Or is it a software update issue?

Anu said...

You're right Matt, mirroring only works with on the first gen iPads that are Jailbroken :(

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