Monday, May 2, 2011

Which Stylus to Buy

As I said in an earlier post, I do not agree with Steve Jobs that ipads are best used with fingers. Although the stylus represent one more thing that needs to be carried, clipping it on the spine of the ipad cover is not cumbersome. I did get a chance to try a couple of different styli at Best Buy. I find however that the choice is purely a personal choice. Here is some of the information I found.
The price range for styli are from about $15 to $30 and unfortunately and I did not find a relationship between the price and the quality of writing. Styli come in several sizes. You will need to try out which size fits your hand best. I preferred the thicker and longer ones because they felt more like a pencil in my hand. The shorter ones did not rest securely between my index and thumb and felt flimsy. It was also hard for me to hold on to the thinner ones.
I found that two different materials were used as tips. One was a rubber dome tip which was firmer and more springy, the other was a soft fuzzy foam tip. The rubber tips tended to be wider than the foam tips and although I felt that this was a disadvantage, I definitely preferred the rubber tip. It felt more responsive to the surface of the ipad, although a bit more pressure needed to be applied. The fuzzy foam felt less responsive. A finer and firmer rubber tip would be much better.
Finally if you expect the same responsiveness of regular pens, your expectations are set too high. I am sure that over time their quality will improve as will the responsiveness of the ipad surfaces. Apple needs to develop a stylus and make it as creatively designed as their ipad2 cover. Maybe it will have a magnetic strip that will allow it to attach itself to the new cover.


Christina said...

Do you find that the stylus is problematic for how to hold your hand? What I mean is that when I write, my hand rests on the paper, and I can imagine that the stylus might require similar hand positioning. Is that the case?

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