Thursday, May 12, 2011

ipad for Marvin?

Marvin is my 83-year old dad. He is almost totally deaf, and reads lips. He also speaks well, but we have never enjoyed a phone conversation. I would love to email with him, but he is intimidated by the computer that I helped Sandy (mom) get a few months ago. He has never typed on a keyboard, and doesn't want to invest any time or energy into learning how to use a mouse.

Yet.....he LOVES my ipad! The touch screen is very easy for him, and he readily understood the concepts of "apps" when I showed him a few. Since Marvin loves to join Sandy in video chats with me and my children, I am considering getting him an ipad 2, so he can be more independent of Sandy with the video chats. Watching him with my ipad and thinking about the possibilities have made me think about the benefits of ipads for senior citizens, especially those living alone and/or far away from loved ones.

- flaurie


Christina said...

Flaurie - Did you end up using the iPad 2 with him? I'm contemplating getting one for my grandmother who is extremely technophobic but likes the idea of a touch screen. She has grandchildren in the Bay Area and London, so it would be great to help her have more regular contact. I'm curious if it was helpful and actually easy to help your father manage as well as if it was the only tool he took to. Since I cannot imagine my grandmother playing Angry Birds, what would be apps of interest to their generation?

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