Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Painting and Drawing on the iPad

Yet another drawing created by Angelica on her iPad. This time she used the Brushes Software program. I'm convinced that the iPad is a fantastic platform not only for content consumption, but creation as well.

Here is a little brainstorm of the advantages to painting and drawing on an iPad compared to painting and drawing with paints, brushes, paper, etc. Please note that I am not suggesting that the iPad replace the traditional media, but I do believe there are some real benefits to consider.

Advantages of painting and drawing on an iPad:

1. Some apps, like brushes, record the painting and drawing process in the form of a movie. This can be super useful in helping us remember the process...and when we remember the process, we can more easily reflect and achieve new understanding and learning. Click here to see a video recording and reflection of a drawing that I created on the iPad last fall.

2. Artists have access to a nearly unlimited set of painting and drawing tools within a drawing program like Brushes. It probably would be quite expensive to purchase all of these traditional tools for use at home, but at $7.99 in the iTunes store, Brushes gives artists access to a powerful toolset.

3. Artists have the ability to paint and draw anywhere and anytime with their iPad and they don't have to worry about toting bulky, expensive supplies and equipment with them. I could easily see some artists taking iPads into the backcountry for nature paintings and sketches-this is something not easily done with an easel, paint brushes, and a pallet.

4. With an iPad, you spend more time painting and drawing and less time involved in set up and clean up. The best way to actually learn and improve your skills is by actual engagement in the process, and the iPad allows users more time on task.

Again, I'm not saying that the iPad with apps like Brushes can fully replace traditional artistic media, but I do believe it can be a fantastic way to amplify and extend their creative interests and abilities.


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