Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AirSketch worked like a charm

I like the app, AirSketch, quite a lot. This afternoon, with the checkout iPads, I had the Chinese III students work in pairs to create sentences with the newly learned vocabulary. It worked very well, for this time none of us got dropped from the network in the entire long period. I was able to pick and choose which students' work to project, and we critiqued the sentences as a class.

I would love for us to purchase the full version of AirSketch, for among other features, the full version includes an erase function, which the free version does not have. But with a whopping $7.99 price tag, I am hoping it would go on sale soon...

If you are also interested in using AirSketch with your students in this fashion, this is what you'd need to do -

  1. Make sure all the iPads are on the same network. (Since all the students are on "Casti - student," I got the password from Nelson and got on the Student network as well.)
  2. Have students go to a website, e.g.,, to make sure that they are connected to the network. Students are likely to need to go through the Cisco authentication process.
  3. Get the server address and port number from within AirSketch.
  4. Type each server address/port number into a separate browser on your laptop, PRIOR to students start using AirSketch (so you have it all set up.)
  5. Connect your laptop to the projector. Now you and your students are all set to go!

Have fun!

By Alice Lung 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ArtStudio for Painting and Drawing

As many of you know, I've become quite a fan of painting and drawing on the iPad. I've mostly been experimenting with Brushes, but I stumbled upon this short video by art educator, Kevin Honeycutt, on ArtStudio. At $2.99, ArtStudio is a tad bit cheaper than Brushes ($7,99), but neither will break the bank. In my opinion, Brushes has a distinct advantage over ArtStudio in that it records the entire drawing process in the form of a video.

What is your favorite painting and drawing application for iPad? What are your thoughts on this medium for making art?