Thursday, December 16, 2010

A student drawing on the iPad

One of our student iPad evaluators, Angelica, recently created this drawing using AutoDesk's Sketchbook Mobile Express. She is a talented young artist and I'm glad to see her experimenting with painting and drawing in a digital medium. Angelica doesn't have a ton of traditional painting and drawing tools at home, but with the iPad she has a nearly unlimited supply of art making tools.

She is in the process of putting together her AP Art portfolio, and I hope she considers submitting some of the work she creates on the iPad.

I continue to be less interested in the iPad as a tool for doing the typical things we do with laptop computers and analogue resources like textbooks. However, I'm becoming more and more interested in the iPad as a platform to amplify creativity through art and music making programs.


Jole Seroff said...


Anonymous said...

skethbook pro? I wonder if it still on sale in the app store :-)


Matt Montagne said...

thanks for leaving a comment, Demetri! Don't know if it is still on sale, but Sketchbook Pro along with Brushes are two of my favorite iPad programs. I find it a compelling medium for drawing and painting.

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